CityRobotics & Nebo 

Space Curatorship & Hackathon

Location / Situacion
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge.
Date / Fecha
Sept 18 

Collaborators / Colaboradores
Gabriela Bila & Maitane Iruretagoyena.
Jon Garcia, Rami Ruston,Hanif, Gabriela Bila & Maitane Iruretagoyena.

Recent advancements in autonomous and intelligent machines introduce an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine how people live, work, and play. Mobility—personal or shared,  passenger-use or goods-moving—can be designed to prioritize the human experience, enhancing people’s abilities to lead creative, productive, gratifying and sustainable lives.

Don Norman and Colleen Emmenegger of the UC San Diego Design Lab and Kent Larson of the MIT Media Lab jointly bring together leading scientists, engineers, designers and policymakers from across the public and private sectors to address emerging challenges in urban mobility and to explore new directions for potential futures. 
Los avances en vehiculos autónomos e inteligentes presentan una oportunidad sin precedentes para volver a imaginar cómo vive, trabaja y juega la gente. La movilidad  puede diseñarse para priorizar la experiencia humana, mejorando las capacidades de las personas para llevar vidas creativas, productivas, gratificantes y sostenibles.

Don Norman y Colleen Emmenegger, de UC San Diego Design Lab, y Kent Larson, del MIT Media Lab, reúnen a científicos, ingenieros, diseñadores y  políticos de todo el sector público y privado para abordar nuevos desafíos en la movilidad urbana y explorar nuevas direcciones. para futuros potenciales.

Cities exist in order to facilitate the magic that happens when humans meet each other, work together, and interact in new ways. The role of the city should be to accomodate this interaction, and focus on humans, and what they need instead of arteries where traffic runs through and where people are going from point A to point B.

In order to make the city happier, healthier, safer, and more connected we have created Nebo. The new friendly neighbor of the cities of the future. A monorotor-propelled passive AI assistant, guardian, friend  and ultimately, neighbor, that is embedded within the city, and accessible to all.

Being the core of the human-machine interaction, It consists of a spherical projection that can dynamically display emotions, and any other simple visual cues or messages. It is made of a smart, elastic polymer mesh over a lightweight gimbal chassis, with a central rotor where sensors, cameras, and projectors are located.

Nebo is a dutifully assistant to street-dwellers in need of help, guidance, or just a recommendation about what to do, improving the safety on the streets. Moreover,

It collaborates to change the climate for humans in times of need such as in disaster relief, by providing, bulk critical services.

In any community, the total is much greater than the sum of its parts. This is true for Nebo, true humans, and much more true for cities where both coexist.

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